Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Experience the Real Fun of Escape Room København at Clockedin

Generally, there is a lot of discussion about what is the perfect age of playing games. But, this certainly does not apply to the escape house games. These are games filled with adventure, surprises and a bit of suspense. So, if you are looking for a perfect game option for different age groups, then escape games Copenhagen is just what you need.

Planning to hangout with your friends and play escape rooms Copenhagen? Visit Clockedin, this is the most popular Escape Room København point.

Escape House Games 

What do the Clockedin escape rooms Copenhagen offer?

 In simple words, escape house games offer a variety of experience for different age groups.

· Family Visit: So, if you are on a family visit to Copenhagen and looking to keep people of different age groups busy then Clockedin escape room København is the best thing to try. You can take along your younger sibling to your grandma for enjoying this game. All you need is a group of two to five people. Do not worry if you have a larger family, they can still fit in. A sixty-minute session of all of you together will not only be adventure packed but will help you gel up as a team.

· Friends: If you are on a trip with friends, take up the challenging Escape Games Copenhagen at Clockedin. We challenge you that all your big shot online gamers and board game lovers will face a hard time solving this challenge. You can try testing your friend’s analytical skills.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Can You Escape Games Clockedin at Copenhagen

Can you escape your love for games? Whether you are a kid or an elder. None of us can leave the passion of being a game lover. If you are visiting Copenhagen with friends, and crave some adrenaline rush then try out some great escape games in Copenhagen. Spend out a crazy and adventure filled day while trying to solve challenging escape room games.

Why choose Escape games at Clockedin?

The best place to try out an Escape Game København is at Clockedin. Thinking this might be like any other escape house game that you played. But, here is where clockedin surprises you. You are locked in a room for an hour, where everything is so real and you need to find out the way to escape.
can you escape games

So, you just don’t have those usual treasure hunt chits. You need to work on your brain, look for hidden objects, hints and secret codes to get out. Usual thinkers are not the ones to solve these difficult puzzles. Open up your logical and creative horses to escape the game.  Gel up with your team and look for solutions to get out.

Playing Solo vs. Playing with a Team

 You can have a team starting from two to five people and age group starting from ten years to a hundred years. So, you can get your family too. If you get stuck; don’t worry, we let you out if you need to rush out to the washroom or the guide will help you to find your way out.
The best way is to take the help of your mates or family members to win this challenge and be free.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Vist Mystery Escape Copenhagen with your buddies

 Escape Games in Copenhagen
Escape house games at Clockedin entertained many people with its Mystery Escape Copenhagen .You can book the mystery Escape Game København game slots for the weekends online. The “can you escape games” or its Escape Room Games has become a popular choice among the people those searching for great fun with their friends or family in Denmark.